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Home Elevator of Texas – In the News

Home Elevator of Texas featured in the Home section of the San Antonio Express News. Elevators Gain Favor as Senior Population Rises.  

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Independent Living – Wheelchair Lifts

A platform lift or vertical wheelchair lift can be a very helpful addition to a home or business for use by those with a physical disability, as well as the elderly individual who spends a majority of their time in a wheelchair and have limited mobility. With the use of a wheelchair platform lift, these […]

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Home Elevators – a Must-Have for Homeowners

Home Elevators – a Must-Have for Homeowners Experts reveal the eight Must-Haves homebuyers are demanding in their new homes Recently at the International Builders Show more than 60,000 builders and supplies migrated to Las Vegas for the annual convention sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders. Below is the top list of trends that […]

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Elevators were invented for Luxury

Elevators were invented for luxury, but today they are used as a necessity because of the comfort and convenience they provide. There are only a few additions that enhance a home’s value more than the installation of an elevator. Residential Elevators can be incorporated into the design of a new home or added to existing […]

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Custom Home Elevators Add Convenience and Style

Elevators are generally associated with larger buildings, home elevators are gaining a loyal following among multiple-story homeowners. For disabled or elderly people looking to live comfortably with access to more home space, an elevator can be extremely useful. Their appeal goes beyond just utility; some homeowners choose to install a home elevator simply for the personal convenience […]

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Residential Elevators

ELEVATORS – Interesting Facts!

ELEVATORS – Fun Facts!  Did you know… Elevators are twenty times safer than escalators. There are twenty times more elevators than escalators, but only 1/3 more accidents. Elevators are also safer than cars. An average of 26 people die in elevators in the U.S. (most are elevator technicians). There are 26 car deaths every five […]

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Residential Elevators San Antonio

Going Up?

We all build dreams for ourselves and then work hard to achieve them. At Home Elevators of Texas our goal is to help you live the life you’ve worked so hard for. Quality is essential to Home Elevator of Texas which is why we are one of the select Home Elevator businesses that carry Symmetry […]

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Over 10,000 Residential Elevators are being installed each year

Now-a-days it’s not uncommon to find a home elevator in the plans of single-family homes and condominiums. Over 10,000 residential elevators are installed each year and the number is growing as more builders and buyers are discovering their many advantages: Convenience The trend toward larger homes with more amenities An elegant and dramatic focal point […]

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Benefits of a Stairlift

    Why A Stairlift? Relieves the concern about the safety and comfort of your loved ones when you can’t always be by their side. Gives peace of mind that a loved one you are caring for will not fall down the stairs. Your loved one can enjoy all the comforts and amenities of the […]

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Boomers now fuel the luxury home market

  Boomers now fuel the luxury home market “Luxury” is no longer a matter of price, but a matter of choice. All homes should provide comfort and function, but luxury should offer a bit more flair. Gourmet kitchens, spacious master bedroom and bathrooms and fitness centers are not new ideas found in luxury homes. Thanks […]

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What is a Stairway Lift?

  A stairway lift is a machine that moves you up and down your stairs. It can provide peace of mind in a home where a person has a disability or in the homes of the elderly. The stairway lift also reduces the concern of a loved one who cannot be there to help. When […]

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Did you know????

Primitive elevators were first used in ancient Rome. These grew out of the rope and pulley and used a platform instead of a hook or net to raise cargo. The development of the modern elevator began with the Industrial Revolution and the use of the steam engine to power the mills. Completely automatic elevators that did not require the presence […]

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Commercial Applications are varied

There are a range of accessibility lifts, elevators and material lifts for commercial applications. Products include vertical and inclined platform lifts (wheelchair lifts), elevators, dumbwaiters and special lifting devices. Installed in schools, colleges, churches, government facilities, restaurants, businesses and factories around the world. Whether you are a contractor, architect or building owner,  work within your […]

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